If escape is needed, I’m going here…

This side of the world feels dark and stormy right now, and, admittedly, the thunder has me shaking a bit.  But don’t worry, that’s likely as close to political commentary as I’ll leak out into this little speck of webspace.  If nothing else, I think we can all agree on a need to both escape and regroup after these last few months.  And so, totally *lightheartedly* and in light of those now threatening to leave the country, I’ll share with you those locations I’ve traveled to, both domestic and abroad, to which I’m most likely to runaway (and, for what it’s worth, the husband & I have pondered living abroad, or out west, for years)

In no particular order:

  • The Amalfi Coast, Italy: Okay, there’s somewhat of an order here. I list this first because we all truly need to relax and reflect right now, and I’ve yet to find a better place for it.  Here, idyllic towns cling to a rock cliff that plunges into the ocean. You’ll arrive by an also-clinging, winding road that takes you to the town of your choosing, perhaps the busier Positano, or from my experience, the tiny, fabulous Praiano. Between meals of fresh seafood, sit on a balcony overlooking the sea and consider how you’re going to improve the world.
  • Galway, Ireland: Wow, I wasn’t expecting that to show up on my screen, but I just figured out why it did.  Known as Ireland’s “cultural heart,” I learned about togetherness inspired by music here.  Sure, any music fan has felt it, but here you can watch incredibly talented musicians from a tiered bar stool at the local pub. And it’s not drowned out by nagging patron chit-chat; when the music plays, chatter goes silent, though singing along with the traditional tunes is essential. When the band takes a break, you can order another beer and make new friends whether a local, or, like me, just a tourist drawn in by the music.
  • Barcelona, Spain:  I’m starting to see an ocean-side trend in my picks, but not to worry because it is sure to be broken. Anyhow, this is my “big city” pick, and those who know my feelings about Paris may be surprised. Maybe it is the ocean; there’s just something so inviting about a city on the beach *nods to Miami*.  There’s more, though, and please excuse my self-quoting from my Barcelona blog:  “Barcelona feels worldly, like a quilt with many patches, yet when combined it is ultimately its own unique, jamon-loving self.” It felt both diverse and connected, something I (we?) haven’t experienced in quite some time.
  • Small or Smallish Town in the Rockies, Colorado:  I don’t care – Estes Park, Telluride (post-lottery), Grand Lake, Keystone, Durango. I am truly in love with the Colorado Rockies. At heart, I prefer smaller cities and towns to an overstimulating large city, and regardless of my oceanic tendencies, I always crave mountains.  Those with all of the peaks and crags and general gorgeousness. I recognize my urge to move there does not make me unique, but I have it nonetheless. I also recognize that I probably wouldn’t survive their winters. But I’m willing to move seasonally as needed!  And if you can’t escape abroad to reflect on Mediterranean cliffs, a flight to Denver and quick drive into its natural beauty will likely be a suitable alternative.

Though I’ve loved many a city, town, or National Park, the above are places you’re highly likely to find me in the future .  Will it be a return visit or a move? That is yet to be determined.

Peace & love to all…




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