Rethinking Winter

The dust trailing behind our summer of road-running has finally begun to settle. It wasn’t that we traveled extensively, but our various summer hobbies kept us on our toes enough to be a touch tired, and perhaps a bit grateful to watch as multi-colored leaves drop in abundance outside.

Honestly, I get exhausted by the incessant whining about winter, and before it even arrives! Yes, it’s cold. It snows. And, most recently, it get dark quite early thanks to time changing. But all three are superb reasons to *gasp* relax, stay home, read books, and allow the stillness and silence of winter to consume you for a bit, or *gasp* turn your thoughts inward a few more times per day.  And you know what else being snowed in inspires?  Travel planning!

Now that we’ve stayed in state, or thereabouts, for nearly two months now, those who know us have started asking:  “Where to next?” Somewhat strangely, I have to respond that I just don’t know. The husband has chattered about Costa Rica in February (also known as a fishing trip), I’ve wanted to arrange a ski ‘n party weekend for ages, and I think about visiting my “long lost friend” in NYC about five times per week. And just last night, while reading a hand-me-down travel magazine, I was reading about an escape St. John, USVI.

If anything, my point is this:  If you’re a winter-hater, do something to shake up your mindset. Learn a new skill, read about the world, write down the words that occur to you during those extra moments that nature has offered. Remember, right now, what winter looks like when snow stacks up on each and every limb of a tree, and then morning sun breaks through. Try to sit next to a fire, if you can.  And – of course – book a trip in February, just before the cabin fever reaches its peak.  Then hopefully, when you return home, snippets of spring can finish your reemergence.


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