Revisiting Spain

A friend of mine is travelling to Spain, and our conversations have unearthed many amazing and delicious memories of last year’s Spanish vacation.  She’ll be visiting Barcelona and Madrid, the former with its fantastic Gaudi architecture and oceanside vibe, and the latter with its pedestrian-centric plazas, loaded museums, and – of course – TAPAS. How … More Revisiting Spain

A Curious Experience: ALL of the Ham Sandwiches

As previously mentioned, we attended a Real Madrid match.  Arriving at the Stadium sans dinner, we wandered the stadium halls and quickly realized our food options would be limited. We grabbed a couple of very uninspiring jamon sandwiches to fill our stomach voids, and found our seats. Halftime arrived and our sustenance of choice was … More A Curious Experience: ALL of the Ham Sandwiches

Sleepy in Sevilla

We arrived and dropped our car off in Seville’s main train station without issue, aside from a few arguments with Europcar as to preexisting damage on the car.  From there we hailed a cab to our hotel (which proved to be the most terrifying taxi ride we’ve every experienced).  We were low on steam at this … More Sleepy in Sevilla

Oh, Granada…

Why did we fall in love with Granada? Was it simply the Alhambra, an incredibly-detailed, Moorish-built palace and surrounding complex that captivated our attention for nearly four straight hours? Was it the winding, hilly streets that offered occasional peeps at that imposing structure on the hill? Was it our hotel room that offered a view both during … More Oh, Granada…

…And We’re Off!

Buenos tardes! I’m sitting in our Madrid hotel with just a few spare minutes to tell you about our stay in Barcelona, which we left behind via train this morning. *Travel notes: We arrived in Barcelona without much incident, which is something to appreciate by itself.  And although I managed a few hours sleep on the … More …And We’re Off!