Notched, Part 4: Patience is a Traveler’s Virtue

Patience: it’s on my mind this week. “The best things come to those who wait.”  “You don’t know patience until you have kids.” I’ve heard these themes from time to time, and throughout my life. It seems odd to discuss it in the travel realm, though, when parents have already given themselves the top award … More Notched, Part 4: Patience is a Traveler’s Virtue


I’m typing from home sweet home, as we arrived back yesterday afternoon, but I will catch up on our last stop in Italy now. We hit the ground running in Rome after checking into our (sweet) hotel. It was a beautiful day to take in some ancient history, anyhow.  So we taxi’ed to the Coloseeum, purchased … More Rome


We left Milan via its Central Station, a beautiful building that was apparently a creation of Mussolini’s, to head towards Venice. Boarding TrenItalia, I noted with sadness that we were sharing our train car with a large tour group of older Brits, and would be sharing our seating space with a couple from that group. … More Venice

Blurring Begins!

Important news! My personality blur has begun; where the corporate, straight-laced, MTWRF me begins to crossover to slighly happy-go-lucky, right-brained, traveling, IDGA* me.  I figured as much, at least, since my work stress seems to be starting a premature hibernation, whereas as my silly rambling is on the increase. I enter this mode 18 days prior to arriving in Milan.  … More Blurring Begins!