New Trip (Crossing Rather Small Ponds)

We’ve made halfway through another year, and are lucky to be planning yet another adventure. This time, our scenery will change in rather dramatic fashion. No oceans will be crossed, but I’m certain the silver bird will drop it’s shadow over innumerable ponds, rivers, streams and lakes (and possibly some plains and arid land) while we’re aboard.  This fall, we’ll be traveling/hiking/biking/horseback riding through the Great American Southwest!

Our travels through this portion of the country will be focused on National Parks, but – if the planning comes together – we’ll also be visiting two fantastic annual American festivals:  the Great American Beer Fest (the sequel) and the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Our preliminary (and, per usual, aggressive) itinerary also includes stops throughout Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.  This presents a rather dramatic change of scenery from our often city-centric Europe trips; instead of hiking sidewalks, we’ll be hiking to the Delicate Arch or for a spectacular Grand Canyon view. And, I must say, I’m ecstatic and ready to start detailed planning.

As always, suggestions welcome! Cheers!


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