One more: ABQ & the Uplifting Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque: our final destination, and one to be reached by an extended drive beginning at pre-dawn hours in the Grand Canyon. We passed through the mountains surrounding Flagstaff and then the desert of Arizona before arriving in New Mexico, where rounded red rocks surrounded us prior to our ABQ arrival. It was here we would … More One more: ABQ & the Uplifting Balloon Fiesta

Itinerary Revision (Albuquerque, after all)!

Remember that post about how difficult it is to plan a travel itinerary that includes everything fantastic within a limited timeframe? And how we had scrapped ending our trip in Albuquerque, visiting the Balloon Fiesta, because the logistics were too difficult? Well, throw that out of the suitcase, because even a “final” itinerary can change for the right … More Itinerary Revision (Albuquerque, after all)!