Soon-to-be Site Changes…?

I’ve recently been pondering a bit of an overhaul to my lonely little bit of webspace – er, this blog. Originally, it was created to blog what I thought was a single trip through several European cities. Yes, we crossed the pond on that trip, but then we were then so fortunate to do so not one, not two, but three more times!  And each time was fantastic and presented its own unique experiences that will never leave me.  In other words, they were trips that left a mark.

But one other thing that I haven’t forgotten – and excuse my being silly – is that the name of this site has kind of annoyed me as too lengthy and, well, it’s kind of a stale expression. It’s also an expression that, at least generally speaking, applies to crossing the Atlantic. Having taken trips elsewhere, and of course planning another that keeps us stateside, I think it’s time to change the name. And if I’m lucky enough, the domain will be available and I’ll be able to shorten my URL even more. Simplicity is good.

I’m not sure how it all works out with wordpress, but hopefully it doesn’t require my starting totally anew with followers, past posts, design and the like. TBD. I’ll be back soon, but with a shiny new name!


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