A Curious Experience: ALL of the Ham Sandwiches

As previously mentioned, we attended a Real Madrid match.  Arriving at the Stadium sans dinner, we wandered the stadium halls and quickly realized our food options would be limited. We grabbed a couple of very uninspiring jamon sandwiches to fill our stomach voids, and found our seats.

Halftime arrived and our sustenance of choice was long gone. We looked around, and, to our astonishment, more than half of the surrounding crowd had pulled out perfectly foil-wrapped (we assume ham) sandwiches from their totes and were munching away at their post-9 p.m. meal. I’m not sure I can properly paint the scene with words, but the sandwiches were so numerous and uniform in appearance that we wondered if they were strapped in under each and every seat, or if they had otherwise fallen out of the sky.  Apparently, we missed the memo to pack a picnic dinner and were left lamenting an opportunity missed (and our expenditure made on that less-than-excellent stadium food).

Perhaps the next time we attend a sporting event state-side, I’ll see what we can do about sneaking in something a little better than [terrible, overpriced hot dog/dry pretzel/soupy nachos]….


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