Sleepy in Sevilla

We arrived and dropped our car off in Seville’s main train station without issue, aside from a few arguments with Europcar as to preexisting damage on the car.  From there we hailed a cab to our hotel (which proved to be the most terrifying taxi ride we’ve every experienced).  We were low on steam at this point, perhaps at the cost of this stop on our itinerary.

Seville’s streets were in a seemingly constant state of the “paseo,” where locals and tourists alike meander the stone streets and musical squares to socialize. We did our own share of walking about and exploring, and enjoyed some of our trip’s best food and music in this charming city.

Highlights included:

  • Flamenco night at La Carboneria – the musicians/dancer were quite incredible
  • Sunny morning walk across the river, past the Torre del Oro and throughout the Plaza of Spain
  • Tapas and wine at Restaurant Oliver
  • Tours of the Seville Cathedral & Alcazar (beware: lines can be quite long if you don’t book in advance!)
  • Nonstop musical performances and available wine tastings at the Plaza Nueva
  • Our best hotel experience at the Hotel Alminar, due primarily in part to the genuinely friendly and helpful Francisco, who worked at the hotel

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