Food, Fizz and Falling Water: Asheville, Part Dos

I’ve recently returned from a two night stay in Asheville, where we took full advantage of this open-minded North Carolina town.  Trip highlights included: Dinner at Curate, a much-celebrated, Spanish-style tapas restaurant.  Our food memories of Spain made this stop a must, and we couldn’t pass up the fantastic jamon, pan con tomate and machego. The … More Food, Fizz and Falling Water: Asheville, Part Dos

Travel Local, Too!

Isn’t it incredible how easy it is to overlook fantastic destinations that are a day – or perhaps weekend – trip away from home? I’ve spent countless hours researching, or at least dreaming about, far off destinations accessible only by air travel, but just this weekend “discovered” a beautiful, recreation-filled state park that’s only a short … More Travel Local, Too!