Travel Local, Too!

Isn’t it incredible how easy it is to overlook fantastic destinations that are a day – or perhaps weekend – trip away from home? I’ve spent countless hours researching, or at least dreaming about, far off destinations accessible only by air travel, but just this weekend “discovered” a beautiful, recreation-filled state park that’s only a short drive away. When you’re desperately in need of a getaway but your vacation is three whole months from now, consider visiting that within-reach park that’s never seemed quite convenient enough to visit. If you’re like me, you just might find fantastic hiking, biking, sliding down natural stream slides, and relaxation next to a scenic river (see: Ohiopyle – weekend crowds in summer but still much to enjoy)!

And when you’re able to pull off a weekend getaway, you greatly expand the geographic possibilities available if you have four reliable wheels or public transportation. Recently, we were invited to a family event in North Carolina, so we’ve decided to attend while tacking on an extra day/night to explore downtown Asheville, NC (and, if time allows, hopefully a hike either near Asheville or in Fayetteville, WV, while en route). By sparing an extra day, we’ve managed to add a new experience onto the otherwise event-centric itinerary, and this little escape will also help bridge the gap to our upcoming Southwest trip.

With enough research and follow-through, it’s possible to be well-traveled either – or both – near and far from home. Revisit those yet-to-be-visited local destinations, and you might discover much more than expected.


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