Asheville: We’re Coming Back!

I said it before:  We’d be back to visit Asheville, NC.  And now we’re two weeks away from doing so!  Asheville’s surrounding peaks purposely dive down just to visit this unique and lively mountain town. With merely a half day to enjoy on our last stop, we’ve added in a little more time, so we’ll have 36 hours or so.

Weather permitting, our primary goal to hike the neighboring mountains ’til our feet ache, seeking out spring’s crushing waterfalls or sprawling mountain views.  The Mid-Atlantic’s March has been unfriendly, so I am hoping the almost-South will be more welcoming. If I spend much longer breathing indoor air, I may implode!

I’ve also heard that Asheville knows how to cook as well as it knows how to brew beer, so we will search for fantastic food as well.  And since we have last visited, major Western craft breweries have built eastern outposts in and around the town, and it would probably be wrong to not stop in and say hi.  I’ll be counting down until then….


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