One Lively Day in Asheville, NC

As we were traveling to NC for a family event, we naturally had to consider exploring someplace new. Enter a long detour (through beautiful, mountainous scenery) to Asheville, NC, which is well known as the South’s craft beer and outdoor recreation capital. Although we only had one afternoon and night in the small city, it took only that small amount of time to leave an impression.

The most memorable cities that we’ve visited nearly all have a lively downtown atmosphere; essentially, people live in and/or treat their downtown as an evening and weekend destination. In a large city, this seems almost the natural result of large, heavily populated geographical area.  Where else are people going to go at night? But, when many of the world’s cities are sprawling and decentralized, cities (or towns) that successfully bring many people together in one place – for leisure rather work – are often the most memorable. And that’s what Asheville is. I’ll spare you any particularly long ramblings, but, as we hopped brewery to brewery, we noticed the crowds increase with each evening hour. By 11 p.m., the town squares and streets were filled with music and large, happy crowds drinking in the atmosphere of the warm summer night.  The lively streets make for a city where even a visitor feels part of something vibrant and alive.

We’ll see you again, Asheville, and hopefully more cities and towns just as lively (..suggestions, anyone?)!


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