Whoa, Wyoming!

Winter is over (or is it coming, or is it here?), but I’m going to write a quick post about insane quantities of snow.  We had an opportunity to visit Jackson Hole, WY in February in the middle of an insanely snowy month (as in 193 inches of snow that month – a record-breaking February).  I don’t do winter sports, but I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to revisit Jackson.  We had spent about 24 hours there several years ago during September, but had never seen it in all of its so-white-you-need-sunglasses glory.

And OMG the snow. Snowbanks surround cars driving down the road.  Houses are engineered to withstand the intense weight of roof accumulations. The moose, with legs taller than I am, were using the plowed roads to get around.  It was frigid. Oh, and it is breathtakingly gorgeous, and I am thrilled that we experienced it.

Rather than more blather, just check out some pics:


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