Change, and More Travel!

Happy Saturday morning! My husband has guilted me into revisiting this tiny little webspace of mine.  My posts have been few and far between for a few reasons, but primarily because we could only swing long weekend trips in 2018 due to limited time off.  Of course, I’m grateful we could still do that, but such trips end up being hurried affairs lacking opportunity to truly enjoy a location. So my excuse for not writing is because I wasn’t inspired to write. Right?

Anyhow, I have good news to report! I have a new job that returns me to my previous level of vacation time! Woohoo! We’re pretty thrilled and working on some travels ideas for the year. We’ve already committed to Vegas in early March. It’s another long-weekender with some folks who know their way around the Mint 400.  I have no understanding of racing, but trust that we’ll still have a great time (perhaps not quite in the Fear & Loathing level, but we’ll do what we can).  The husband is also trying to talk me into trying a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.  Hello Dramamine!

Other topics of conversation:  Mexico or somewhere in Central America in the spring, or Greece in the fall, and/or Costa Rica in the winter.  Cheers to new opportunities and change!

Side Notes:

  • We were impressed by San Antonio
  • The Mountaineers beat Texas in an amazing game and we were fortunate to be there.  It turned out to be the highlight of the season..
  • We went to the Bradenton Beach area last month. We had one gorgeous day on that gorgeous, soft-sanded beach before the weather machine broke down.




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