Quick Trips, Long Impressions

I’ve been neglecting this space while soaking up summer rays and catching lake waves, but I haven’t neglected to travel.  It seems like the last few years’ trips are random long weekend outings, and that theme continued through this summer and into early fall.  We revisited the amazing Colorado and ventured northeast twice.  Random thoughts, observations and highlights follow:

  • June in Colorado (mountains/work/friends/fun):  This was technically a work conference trip, but as a travel opportunist I tacked on a few extra days. We spent the first two nights in Boulder, staying at the historically intriguing Colorado Chautauqua. It sits at the base of the flatirons, and staring at them from my window is one helluva way to start the day.  Naturally, you walk out of your room and hike amongst these impressive rock formations that beckon you into the Rockies.  And so we did, followed shortly after by a trip the excellent Mount Sanitas trail (note: don’t be like me – give yourself more than 12 hours in CO Elevations before tackling that level of uphill exertion).  We then had the great fortune to visit everyone we know in Colorado – friends in Denver north & south and a friend in Colorado Springs.
  • August in Burlington, Vermont:  Do we want to go to Burlington on short notice for a short long weekend to drink a friend-of-a-friend’s brewery beer?  Of course! This was my first trip in the US-north of Boston. We learned about Vermonters, sour beers and how to help “Keep Vermont weird (lamps?).” We stared across the choppy blue Lake Champlain into the changing weather scraping the Adirondack Mountains and understood why things are a little different in beautiful Vermont. It was a random, quick, yet memorable trip.
  • October in the Finger Lakes (or, as we now know it, where to totally crush a 40th birthday celebration!):  The trees overlooking Seneca Lake in Watkins Glen, NY were on the verge of peak color, and the lake was its usual state of deep-water blue.  The grapes were about to freeze before an ice wine harvest, and we were there to sample those made in previous years to celebrate a 40th birthday (no, not mine [yet]}.  We enjoyed the areas Rieslings, Gewurztraminers and Cab Francs and had a blast in general.  And our Sunday morning hike in Watkins Glen State Park, though crowded, was entirely worth it as we passed through a postcard-worthy gorge dotted with an endless fluttering of gold leaf showers.  Pro Tip:  Book your hotel well in advance this time of year (unlike us).

As I reflect on these trips, I feel so fortunate for what we’ve been able to see and what I am hopefully so lucky to see in the future.  Which reminds me:  We’ll see you again in December, Mexico!


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