Flights, Fizz and Foliage

**Please excuse typos — time is limited!**

This is becoming a trend, my failure to post a blog in the early part of our adventures.  I’d like to tell you I have a great excuse, but as usual I can only muster a busy schedule, fatigue due to lack of sleep, and the general insanity that was Denver.

Right, so, Denver. We started our trip in Denver for a few reasons. First, we can fly direct. Second, our general trip timeframe coincided with the Great American Beer Fest.  And, lastly, Denver is close to the Rockies, which so happen to be sporting peak fall foliage via the brilliant aspens dotting the mountainsides.

Our flight was – thankfully – uneventful and without delay. We picked up our car (talked into an upgrade to a Kia Sorrento, otherwise they were giving us a VW Bug…) and headed straight for downtown to our AirBnB that was located a hop & skip from the Capitol Building. From here, I’ll spare you the GABF play-by-play and summarize: the Friday evening session was insane and too crowded, and Saturday afternoon was more to our liking. We tried more than enough great US craft beers, and have a renewed appreciation for the incredible change in our ‘Merican beer scene from, say, 20 years ago until today. Cheers to that, for sure.

Having survived two days of the insanity (headache-free, I might add), it was time to depart Denver and head UP to the High Country….

Special food note: go to Snooze for brunch!!!


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