Hindsight: Thoughts About the Southwest from “Back Home”

We’ve been home for a little while now. I’ve shuffled through my pictures at least once, perhaps twice. As I return to the routine-driven life, I wish to be back on my feet again, tromping through sand or rocks or clay in my hikers, which are now worn in, cozy, and have most definitely lost … More Hindsight: Thoughts About the Southwest from “Back Home”

One more: ABQ & the Uplifting Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque: our final destination, and one to be reached by an extended drive beginning at pre-dawn hours in the Grand Canyon. We passed through the mountains surrounding Flagstaff and then the desert of Arizona before arriving in New Mexico, where rounded red rocks surrounded us prior to our ABQ arrival. It was here we would … More One more: ABQ & the Uplifting Balloon Fiesta

Bryce & Zion NPs

We rolled into Tropic, UT, our stopping point before Bryce, where the coziest little log cabin sat next to several like it. We checked in, and with the cold front having arrived, I was tempted to extend the stay here simply for the coziness of the situation. Instead, I stared at the ceiling half the night and … More Bryce & Zion NPs

High Country Hues

Heading UP to the High Country – that’s no joke. It’s ear-popping fun shooting over Monarch Pass at 11300 feet, or thereabout, and then ending up in a vast “valley” that probably runs at around 10000 feet, at least until the next peaks point into sight. But it’s late September, so it’s not just the … More High Country Hues