Spain Awaits…

I’d like to wish away my last post. A commitment to posting content prior to home renovations that preceded putting a home for sale (which sold FAST, and then we moved)? Yeah, that was a poor plan.

But here I sit in July, and it’s time to plan a new trip. For now, I’ll forget about my failures to post more content, because I’m fortunate to enter (a somewhat short term) planning and then vacationing phase.

That nonsense being said, our trip will be centered in Spain during October. Any advice?  We’ll schedule plenty of time for the major cities, so I’m looking for some smaller town recommendations…and, of course, anything that shouldn’t be missed. Gracias 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spain Awaits…

    1. Hopefully you can spend a couple of days in Paris! I’m sure you’ll have a great time regardless. I’ll definitely be posting away about Spain (and wherever else we may end up) as much as I can when the time comes.

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