Links to the Unforgotten

I’d like to think that I could recite back every detail of every event and every feeling that I’ve experienced while traveling if you stopped me at random on the street and asked.  I’d also like to think that you don’t even have to ask; that at any point in my usual, cyclical 9-5 working life, I could close my eyes and flash through all of the beautiful places and experiences in an effortless fashion, just to recapture the memories and emotions of traveling . But, just in case I’m having an off day, I can fall back on so. many. pictures.

And when I click through these still-life reminders (in this digital age), I realize at some point – although I may be hanging out only with myself and I –  that I am wearing the happiest of grins on my face. Maybe even laughing out loud. And at that moment, I am ever-so-grateful for the fabulous world of photography that allows less-than-amateurs such as myself to take hold of a moment and create a permanent link between the emotions of events with details that might otherwise grow fuzzy with the passage of time.

I shall spare you further elaboration and get to the point: in an effort to resurrect this currently lifeless blog, I plan to post pictures from trips past and tell their stories.  My “in-trip” blogs have all been so rushed, I’m not sure that I ever appropriately captured the moment with my words. I have still more plans in the works for this lonely corner of the internet, but I’ll wait to share those as they materialize….


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