Vernazza & the Cinqueterre

Sigh, sigh, sigh. I typed an entire blog about our stay in Vernazza, and managed to lose the whole thing by accident. This makes me very sad, so here is an abbreviated version.

Vernazza was beautiful. A small, quaint town – one of five towns making up the Cinqueterre – where the bulk of our time was spent relaxing by the water, sipping wine, and/or eating great food.

We hiked an amazing, seaside trail between Vernazza and Corniglia, which had so many uneven stone steps it put the stairs of the duomo in Florence to shame.

We visited the beach in beautiful Monterosso, and spent many more hours relaxing.

Our charming room had a charming host, who found us in the town square by yelling “Ahhh-rohn! Ahhh-rohn! (Aaron).”

The food was amazing. And I can’t wait to share the pictures.


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