More Notches!

2019! That’s the last time I dropped anything into my minuscule corner of the internets. We all know what happened after that, but as the world starts to move on, I need to dust this thing off and start typing again. SO, here is a post that hopefully leads to more posts!

We returned to regular-ish travel in Spring 2021, and since then have visited the FL Keys, Sayulita (again!), Sedona, St. Pete Beach, and a few other random long weekends to here and there. I write today just a few days ahead of an adventurous trip to Utah, AZ (briefly) and Ouray, CO, where we will fill our days with hiking, offroading, National Parks and whatever else we stumble upon along the way. I absolutely love that part of the U S of A, and cannot wait to lace up my hikers and tromp around in the red dust once again!


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