“It *Will* Change You.”

Our Jamaica trip is just days away, and I’ve risen from bed with thoughts of packing overtaken by some sort of high-level travel overtones, those which send my brain into a spin.  All of this was triggered by an article posted by a FB friend (yes, occasionally FB posts inspire something besides unfriending) written by expat returning home from Korea after five years, and both the shock and mental conflict it caused him.

No, I haven’t left the country for five years (or more than two weeks), nor have I traveled beyond the comforts Europe, but even my few experiences reflect the sentiment within this article:  what I have seen cannot be forgotten, nor would I want to forget it. There are things we do better at home, and there are things we do worse. And often when you try to explain this, you sense the listener’s eye-rolling and stop, though your goal was thoughtful discussion rather than uppity boastfulness.

Which reminds me…I do have this tiny little forum in my tiny little world-space to explain such things…

Anyhow, the point of this post was to share the article. It’s not lengthy, but provides a a perspective I had not much considered:





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