An Atypical Caribbean Countdown Begins…

We’ve been “forced” to shake up our typically non-typical travel patterns to attend a destination wedding in Jamaica this September. Were it any other trip, right now I’d be plotting a detailed sightseeing agenda while make a list of must-try restaurants. But this time, I don’t necessarily have to do any such things.  Is this a vacation from our typically high-velocity vacations?

There’s something to be said about staying at an all-inclusive resort that was booked through a travel agent.  Food? Beach? Pool? Beverages? Entertainment?  All are on site, and *gasp* included with what tends to be a reasonable price that also packages in airfare, room, and airport transfers. So I do get it. For the vacationer, it’s a great way to go someplace beautiful and relaxing without the stress of itinerary planning. And for the wedding-er, it’s a fantastic option for celebrating your monumental day with your closest circle of family and friends in a gorgeous, thousand photo-worthy location.

Although it has been many years, we’ve visited several all-inclusives in the Caribbean, and relaxation is always as amply supplied as the foods and beverages. And maybe that’s what we need, or at least it’s worthy of experiment (this time).  Our modus operandi is traveling as a pair on an individually-tailored itinerary, but we’ll put that on the backburner and open-mindedly approach this opportunity to travel and celebrate with family.  And I will certainly report on our experience here when the time comes!

By the way, any suggestions for excursions? We’ll be in the Runaway Bay area (you didn’t really think we wouldn’t consider exploring, did you)?



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