France: The Itinerary

With about two short months to go until our next Atlantic-hopping adventure, an itinerary framework has formed:

  • Flight to Paris –> pick up rental car –> drive to and stay in Honfleur
  • Visit Honfleur –> drive to Bayeux. Eat croissants. Eat shellfish.
  • Stay two nights in Bayeux. Tour D-Day sights.
  • Find a beach, lay on said beach until the tour buses depart Mont St. Michel, then visit Mont St. Michel.
  • Depart Mont St. Michel –> drive to Amboise. Stay two nights. Explore castles and tour wineries.
  • –> Back to Paris, the city I heart. Having already toured the major sights, this time we’ll eat and drink and wander the city.
  • Stay two nights –> Go Home.

We’re at about 75% on hotel bookings, but I’m always taking suggestions on sights/neighborhoods to see and how to best take a destination to heart (er, stomach).

More to come!


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