Au Revoir…

…Stateside travel (this time).

…two week trips.

…thoughts of a Paris trip past.

The sirens on the Atlantic’s other side kept calling, and somebody listened.  We’re booked for Paris, Normandy and the Loire Valley in just a few short months, though this time with shorter-than-usual itinerary (“perks” of the new job).

Because one can’t ignore when the romantic meets the bucket list meets the practical.

Wait, what?

Romantic = Parisian memories. Bucket list = a trip to Normandy beaches (the husband absorbs WWII history). Practical = OK, this is a stretch. But as folks who prioritize travel and look for reasons just to go, the competitive dollar and our direct flight option nudged us back to CDG (and beyond).

Our itinerary is far from established, but I’ll be thrilled to document our fumbling attempts to drive around the northern France.

More to come!




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