Two Days in Dublin

Dublin is growing on me by the minute. Its rough-around-the-edges feel was apparent from the first few hours, but there’s something else in the air here. Maybe it’s the people or maybe it’s the Guinness; I can’t quite put my finger on it yet.

We arrived early on Wednesday via flight from London. Our chatty taxi driver navigated through morning rush to get us to our hotel in Temple Bar, a touristy, beer-scented area in town that happens to be convenient to most everything. Dropping our bags at the hotel, we set out on foot to Trinity College, where we viewed the famous Book of Kells and then the (amazing) Trinity College Library. We meandered through the Grafton Street shops and the boys found a Monte Cristo cigar which they enjoyed in St Stephen’s Green, a bright green, flower-spotted park that was just a few steps away.

Lucky for us, we arrived on National Fish & Chips Day, meaning that the shop recommended by our cab driver (Leo Burdock’s) was selling it for half off. We enjoyed our lunch in the shadows of Christchurch, where we could hear a concert band playing inside. To finish our day’s tourism, we trekked over to the Guinness Storehouse, the home to the 50 acres where the “black drink” is brewed (even that which is shipped to the US). It was packed full of visitors, but we still enjoyed learning to pour the perfect pint. We then enjoyed said pint “straight from the teat,” to quote our friend Andy, who is traveling with us.

Today has been mainly involved a Dublin pub tour, and we have followed the Bourdain list to some extent as he visited on his show. I should note that our weather has been absolutely perfect; yesterday was sunny and mid – 60s, and today is upper 60s with the same clear skies. We’re prepping for dinner now so I must be off, but I *hope* to sneak in a picture upload later tonight.

Cheers for now. Tomorrow we pick up our car and head north, bound for Portrush in Northern Ireland as our stop for the night. Until then.


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