Cheers from London

After relatively comfortable flights, we arrived at Heathrow at 7:30 a.m. (2:30 for those back home) on Saturday ready to hit the ground running. We dropped our bags at the “Z Hotel,” found some sustenance (COFFEE) and took to the streets of London. Hyde Park was nearby, so we took a leisurely stroll on what … More Cheers from London

Checking In

A very quick hello from London!  It took me an embrassingly long time to login to this account, so my synopsis of all things London will go up tomorrow morning most likely.  We’re having a great time so far and this is truly a beautiful city.  We’ve been fortunate to have sunny, clear days to date … More Checking In

My Favourite Pond

Lucky me. We’ve booked another trip across the Atlantic blue, and this time we’ll be gallivanting across England & Ireland with friends. I love the thought of adding (newbie pond-crosser) friends to what has become our annual adventure; it’s as if I’m lending my favorite book to a friend. Open it up. Read it. But take in … More My Favourite Pond