Sayulita Says…

Sometimes a destination just speaks to you. In December, at the end of a challenging year that still had obstacles to tackle, my husband sent me a link, a simple google image search of “Sayulita.” I still don’t know from where he heard of this Pacific Coast town in Mexico, but its pictures danced with rhythmic colors, and … More Sayulita Says…

Silent Beaches

There’s a beach we visit to listen to the buckets of dropping saltwater, our breeze-dulled murmurs, and grainy, muted footsteps.  Our closest neighbor probably wouldn’t hear us yell, and our phones are barely functional. It is perfect. There are other beaches we’ve visited, too. The ones wholly responsible for building a resort city, with a boardwalk … More Silent Beaches

Next Stop: Miami Beach

Our sunshine therapy trip is booked:  We’ll be heading to Miami Beach for a long weekend soon.  This is actually our third stay Miami, a trip made easier by regular direct flights and the allure of consistent warmth and beautiful beaches.  We look forward to revisiting Miami’s liveliness, and I’ll be sharing the details in this … More Next Stop: Miami Beach

Rethinking Winter

The dust trailing behind our summer of road-running has finally begun to settle. It wasn’t that we traveled extensively, but our various summer hobbies kept us on our toes enough to be a touch tired, and perhaps a bit grateful to watch as multi-colored leaves drop in abundance outside. Honestly, I get exhausted by the incessant whining … More Rethinking Winter

Jamaican Smiles

After the wedding, the sun broke through an encroaching cloud and sprayed beams of highlighting on an already glowing scene:  sparkling newlyweds and generations of their family members, all of whom had traveled from afar to celebrate love with those they love. Though our tans are fading, our smiles will return after each thought of Caribbean sunshine, powdery white sand, turquoise … More Jamaican Smiles