Sayulita Says…

Sometimes a destination just speaks to you. In December, at the end of a challenging year that still had obstacles to tackle, my husband sent me a link, a simple google image search of “Sayulita.” I still don’t know from where he heard of this Pacific Coast town in Mexico, but its pictures danced with rhythmic colors, and that beat impressed the little fishing village’s lively name into my memory:  Say-u-lita!

Since the afterglow of our Miami trip had dulled, it was time address a serious question.  It wasn’t just, “Where to next?”  You see, 2017 has a little milestone also known as our 10-year wedding anniversary, and there was only one proper way for travel nerds to celebrate. We first dabbled with a Pacific Northwest trip itinerary, as has long been on the shortlist. But the pace would be frenetic and the average weather questionable at best, none of which sounded romantic.  All the while, Sayulita lingered in the back of our minds, and then leaped to the forefront once the original idea was abandoned.

So, having honeymooned in Mexico, we’ve decided to return – just not to the same coast (side note: it’s really difficult for me to return someplace for a second time, even if I loved it – the big world/little time dilemma).  This stretch of coastline offers beautiful terrain and plenty of recreation, most of which we intend try:  surfing, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking.  And to ensure we celebrate as the occasion deserves, we’ve stepped up our usual basic hotel stay to a VRBO with privacy and gorgeous views.  Sayulita’s song just couldn’t be unheard, and we’re now counting down the days….


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