The Wynwood Arts District

Wynwood Brewing beckoned us to the Wynwood area of Miami a few years back.  As we walked away from the brewery towards a restaurant, we were surrounded by abnormal amount of unexpected color. Wynwood, a once worn-out warehouse district, has been coated with creativity. The large, bare walls and doors of warehouses have been resuscitated  by street art.

That first trip to Wynwood involved plans of beer, not art. But both the beer (that WB Porter, though) and sun-drenched art made an permanent impression, and we went back on our next visit.  Wynwood’s art, food and beer scene continues to expand. We went on a Sunday evening and there were more paintings and throngs of viewers; Wynwood’s art scene is definitely expanding.

There are more restaurants, more art and signs of construction everywhere. If you can, go soon. There’s an intriguing Peter Tunney gallery with works built from the bits and pieces of the obnoxiously over-the-top but defunct Trump Taj Majal in Atlantic City.  Having seen NYC MoMA just days earlier, the Wynwood Walls offered another, refreshing take on art in the warm Miami outdoors.


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