The Grandest of Canyons (one day early)

A quick post via mobile phone: We arrived in Arizona to ominous skies. Their dark glares proved telling, as they dropped their weight in horizontal fashion just a few short minutes after we arrived at the Horseshoe Bend viewpoint. Soaked!

With a similar forecast looming the following day, we opted to scrap our visit to Antelope Canyon, as slot canyons will swallow folks in such weather. After a few long phone calls and helpful customer service, we managed to cancel our second night in Page and add another night in the Grand Canyon. So the Roadrunner (affectionately named due to the horn sound — meep meep!) wheeled us here through more soggy weather. But hey, sights like these make the change worth it!


More to come from the GC!
(BTW, I haven’t forgotten to blog about Bryce & Zion!)


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