Here’s the Thing

Traveling is amazing, but flying is not. We landed in JFK, looked at the screen and noted that our flight was in Terminal 2.  Where is Terminal 2? What terminal are we in now? There is no signage. We ask, and it turns out we have wander outside to find it. And then we get to go through security AGAIN. But after standing in line, we are turned away and told we need to get new boarding passes from AlItalia. Fabulous – by the time passes are obtained, and we get through security, there is no time for much else.

Boarding the plane, we immediately realized that by switching our passes, we had lost the seats we had reserved months in advance. So, on a 3x4x3 (persons per row) plane, we were sitting in the middle of the 4, with zilch legroom and unpleasant people surrounding us. The man next to me coughed uncontrollably and the lady next to Aaron encroached upon his legspace.

That was a long, miserable flight. Thanks Delta/AlItalia

(rant over)


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