Day 3: Bavarian Castle Tour

Have you ever had to drag yourself out of beg at 6 am after 12 hours of Oktoberfest, and the reason you get up so early is to join a bus full of other people for tourism? It’s not easy. Neither of us felt well, but we made it. 

The bus drove us into Bavaria to tour two castles:  Linderhof & Neuschwanstein, both of which were products of King Ludwig. We began with Linderhof, somewhat “small” and unassuming to use the term “castle” on the outside, but ridiculously ornate on the inside. Carved wood ‘painted’ with gold with the most intricate of details, and then mirrors, vases, and all forms of art covered the ceilings and walls of Linderhof. Nearly all of this was in a French theme, leading me to believe that “Mad” King Ludwig wished he was instead the King of France.

Our next stop was Schloss Neuschwanstein, the very castle that Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom was modeled after. It was a long walk up a fairly steep hill to get to the castle, but there it sits by itself on the very top of a hill.  At least two sides were built into the edge of the peak, so that there was a steep dropoff at the base of the castle. The castle turned out to be more beautiful externally than internally, but nevertheless it was still enjoyable to tour. King Ludwig devoted this castle Wagner, the classical music composer whose music he loved.

We returned to Munich after Neuschwanstein, and we ventured back towards the fairgrounds, but this time only to take pictures and then find dinner outside of the grounds. Munich was a beautiful, festive and amazingly friendly city, but our time there was about to end.


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