The Long, Arduous Journey..

First and foremost, let me discuss the 7.5 hour flight from Dulles to Muenchen, as hosted by Lufthansa. By far, it was simply the nicest (and largest) plane I have ever visited the skies within. We flew near 40,000 feet at 650 m.p.h. for most of the way.  We were given two meals and multiple drinks, and had monitors built into the seat in front of us with a choice of movies, etc.  And, except for the primary sleeping hours, another monitor was above the center aisle to show you where you were upon the great Earth.

Second, and lastly, it was difficult for me. I had a window seat – usually a preference – but after just a few short hours it becomes claustrophobic. That, combined with the plane feeling like it was about 80 degrees, made me a little upset for a while. And since I was supposed to be sleeping, that (maybe) one hour straight of sleep I had the entire time would equate to a sleepy first day in Muenchen.

But it’s already worth it…more to come later.


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