Prost to European Vacations!

Welcome to a fun & uncensored blog detailing Rachel & Aaron’s European Vacation, set to take place 34 days from today. We depart PGH on the afternoon of September 20, 2011, and will touch down in Munchen, Germany on the morning of September 21. The itinerary stumbles through the following cities:

  • Munchen/Munich: September 21 – 24 (Oktoberfest!)
  • Zurich: September 24 – 26
  • Paris:  September 26 – 29
  • Brussels:  September 29 – October 1
  • Amsterdam:  October 1 – 3

..And then back to the ‘burgh.  I hope you will “join us” on our latest and greatest adventure.


5 thoughts on “Prost to European Vacations!

  1. Awesome. Another cousin Rachel blog to add to my feed reader. Looking forward to the pics and stories. If a man stops you on the street and says (roughly), “Ich bin ein schones Model (I’m a pretty model)” be sure to take his picture. When I was there in 9th grade, a man said that to me when I had my camera in hand and it didn’t register until he was blocks away. That guy was awesome and it’s one of my biggest life regrets.

    1. It has been beautiful. Munich was a little cooler – I’d say 65-70 most days. In the city of Zurich, I would guess it to be around 75 both days. Up at the mountain today, I’d guess it to be around 40 or maybe a little less. No rain so far.

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